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We are proud to call  The Lumen Studios a safe space for celebration of all people from every race, religion, non-religion, sexual orientation, 
and gender.

We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in any regard. 

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"I wish there was a way to know we were in the good old days, before we actually left them." - Andy Bernard


Your Wedding. Your Rules.

Our wedding videography packages are not designed for a one-size-fits-all wedding. We customize packages for each couple so that you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you need for your day.


The packages listed below are our most popular options - but by no means are they the only option! Send us a message and let's talk about what we can build for you!

- clear + transparent pricing -

Package 1: The Big One

12 Hours of Coverage

2 Videographers 

1 USB + Digital Delivery

1 Custom Video Book

Drone Footage*

Ambient Audio



You Receive 5 Films!

1-2 Minute Teaser

8-10 Minute Highlight Reel

Engagement Film

Full Ceremony Film

Toast/Speeches Film


Package 2: The Perfect Fit

10 hours of coverage

2 Videographers

1 Minute Teaser

10-12 Minute Highlight Reel

Ambient Audio

Vows, Letters, and Speeches

Drone Footage* 

Digital Delivery


Package 3: The Keepsake

10 hours of coverage

2 Videographers

7 Minute Highlight Reel

Ambient Audio 

Digital Delivery

Starting at $1625


can we choose/use our own music?

Listen, I’m going to be totally upfront with you: using unlicensed music or using music without permission from the artist is stealing. We license all of our music legally from a variety of different sites. I am always happy to talk about having you and your partner be more involved in the music selection process. But, so far, all of your couples have trusted us to choose music for them, and all of them have been happy so far! 

do you travel/what can we expect?

Heck yeah we do! Who doesn't?? We charge travel fees for weddings more than 2 hours outside of KC. 

Some exceptions can apply!

how do you deliver our film?

with options! :) - cuz we love you! 

every wedding film receives free digital delivery of their film and you are given the rights to download, copy, and distribute however you would like!

But if you wanted to make it extra special, we also offer USB drives and video books: both of which can be completely customized! 

do we get/can we buy RAW footage?

Ahhh, RAW footage…

Here’s the thing, RAW footage is usually a lot of the same shot over and over, bad lighting, or sneezing stank faces. You probably won’t want it. We spend hours, upon hours culling through footage to make sure we are getting all of the absolute best shots from your footage and include it into the film. Sure, not every single moment makes it, but we do make sure that all of the best moments do.


Part of trusting us to film your wedding, is trusting that we will do everything in our power to make sure your final product is an excellent reflection of you + your SO, your incredible day, and all of the moments that made it so special. We spend countless hours finding music, culling footage, and editing a film that brings out the absolute best in your wedding day. Our goal is to make you laugh, and cry, and feel all of that love and excitement every time you push play.


If you want to have more footage in your film, I would recommend opting for a longer film, or even additional films! For example, we offer toast/speech films. These are awesome as toasts tend to be a great combination of funny and emotional and we can use a wider variety of shots for them! Plus, bonus! You receive your speeches in-full.

Prefer the party? We can do an entire reception film! All the good stuff and plenty of party all rolled in to one!!


Trust me: our editing style, color correction, and (at the risk of sounding douchey) “artistic eye” is what you’re REALLY looking for, here. RAW footage just doesn’t have the same magic about it.

think we might be a good fit?